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Fasig | Brooks advocates for victims of dog bites in Florida to get the compensation that they deserve for their injuries and damages. Getting bitten by a dog is a frightening experience, followed by a stressful encounter with the owner. Dog attacks can happen suddenly and leave permanent emotional and physical scars. When you have been bitten by a dog within the City of Tallahassee, then call 850-777-7777 to talk to one of our attorneys.

Steps to Take After a Dog Bite

Get the contact information for the dog owner, including their name, address, email address, and phone number, and ask them if the animal is up to date with its shots. Also, get the contact information of any witnesses to the dog bite. If you file a claim, your Tallahassee dog bite lawyer will reach out to these individuals.

To prevent infection after your Tallahassee dog bite, wash the wound with soap and water.  If your dog bite injury is bleeding, then apply pressure to it with a clean cloth or sterile gauze.

You should also report the incident to the police and the City of Tallahassee Animal Control. They may be able to look into your case to find out if that animal has bitten anyone else in the area and if the animal presents an imminent threat to public health, safety, or welfare.

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Seek Medical Attention

Some dog bite injuries require immediate medical attention:

  • If the dog bite injury broke the skin
  • If the Tallahassee dog bite was on the head, face, hand, foot, or near a joint
  • If the dog bite injury is causing excessive bleeding
  • If the dog was not up-to-date on their rabies shots
  • If the dog was acting strangely before the attack
  • If you have not had a tetanus shot in the last five years
  • If your dog bite injury has become swollen, hot, red, or more painful

Go to the nearest emergency room to have your dog bite injuries treated by a physician. Provide the doctor with a description of the dog bite incident, the injuries sustained, and any pain or symptoms you are experiencing. Dog bite injuries can become infected if not treated immediately, leading to swelling and extreme pain. Bacteria from a Tallahassee dog bite that can lead to infection include the staphylococcus species, streptococcus species, eikenella species, and pasteurella species.

Take pictures of your dog bite injuries over the next few days and keep a journal of your symptoms such as stiffness, pain, swelling, decreased mobility, and the inability to perform certain functions. You should also write down the events and circumstances of your Tallahassee dog bite.

Can I sue for a dog bite?

Many dogs are not dangerous and provide much happiness and love to dog owners, making an attack so much more shocking and heartbreaking. In the state of Florida, a dog owner is responsible for the actions of their pet. A dog owner is strictly liable for a bite injury under Florida Statute Section 767.04. This law explains that dog owners are liable for injuries caused by an attack on another person who was lawfully visiting a public place or a private place, regardless if the dog had ever attacked anyone in the past or if the owner suspected that the dog would bite. What makes a dog bite attack unique when establishing liability to receive compensation is that your Tallahassee dog bite lawyer does not have to prove fault in these cases. The liability is inherent in the bite injury.

How Can a Dog Bite Lawyer Help You?

Dog bite cases in Florida are subject to “strict liability,” which means that the victim of the dog bite injury doesn’t need to prove that the owner was at fault. Call 850-777-7777 to speak to a Tallahassee dog bite lawyer about how you can recover compensation for your dog bite injuries. With millions of dollars recovered for Tallahassee victims of dog bites, you can trust the attorneys at Fasig | Brooks to fight for you to recover your economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages compensate you for the financial damages suffered as a result of your dog bite injury, such as:

  • Your medical bills
  • Your future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage

Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, as well as the non-pecuniary damages resulting from the bite injury. Dog bite cases can lead to psychological scars and post-traumatic stress disorder. Since people typically come in contact with dogs quite often, at parks or when visiting friends, a dog bite injury can lead to emotional distress and anxiety whenever around dogs.

The Tallahassee personal injury attorneys at Fasig | Brooks will guide you through the legal process and help you through this stressful and frustrating situation. A strong reason why you will need a Tallahassee dog bite lawyer is because the defendant will try to argue for exceptions to the rule of strict dog bite liability so they don’t have to pay the compensation that you deserve. Some of the exceptions to strict liability include:

  • The dog attack occurred while the victim was trespassing
  • The person bitten was antagonizing the animal
  • If the victim is under six years old and if the dog owner clearly warned of the dog’s viciousness, such as putting up a sign that says “Beware Of Dog”

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Being bitten by a dog is emotionally and physically painful. It’s not unusual for people who previously loved dogs and were comfortable around them to suddenly have anxiety when they see one. Dog bites are especially traumatic for children and their parents and in some cases will require therapy to help the victim cope with their anxiety. You may feel confused or overwhelmed by the laws regarding dog bites in Florida, so give us a call today so that we can help you. We will be able to tell you during your free, personalized consultation if you have a strong case, what rights you have, and how to pursue compensation. Call 850-777-7777 to schedule your free case evaluation today.