Meet the Three Newest Partners of Fasig | Brooks

Fasig | Brooks is a leading name in innovative yet dependable personal injury law firms in Florida. We are constantly thinking about how we can improve ourselves for our clients’ benefits. To this end, we have recently enhanced our law firm with the addition of three talented partners.

Please welcome our three newest partners:

  • E. Rose Kasweck: A Florida native born and raised, Attorney Kasweck holds a special connection with the clients we help today. In 2013, she completed her law degree with honors from the University of Florida, setting her apart from most legal professionals from the moment her education was completed. As a proud partner of Fasig | Brooks today, Rose helps our team primarily with complex medical malpractice claims.
  • Tony Fusco: As an Eagle Scout, Attorney Fusco holds an admirable sense of pride and dedication when pursuing justice and helping others. While attending Florida State University to earn his law degree, Tony involved himself directly in various charitable causes, including a large fundraising effort that benefited Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. As a partner of Fasig | Brooks, Attorney Fusco lends his talents to a variety of case types, from car accidents to product liability claims.
  • Christopher J. Nicholas: For nearly 30 years, Attorney Nicholas has been practicing law with a focus on trucking accident cases and claim litigation. Our law firm is proud to be able to call someone with so much practice experience and insight a partner and trusted attorney for our clients.

From all of us at Fasig | Brooks, please help us send another warm welcome to Attorneys Kasweck, Fusco, and Nicholas as new partners. We are certain the only people more excited to have these three legal minds play significant roles in our personal injury law firm are our clients who will continue to benefit from their talents, experience, and compassionate legal advocacy.

Would you like to work with our law firm for an injury claim in Florida of your own? Please do not hesitate to call (850) 222-3232 at your first opportunity. One of the things that sets Fasig | Brooks apart from others is that an attorney always handles initial contacts with clients – not an investigator, paralegal, or clerk. Contact us now to learn more about our services.