Distracted Driving | Florida’s New Law

I’m Dana Brooks at Fasig Brooks I want to talk to you about some pending legislation here in Florida. As you know, we are in the second half of Session. We are in the home stretch! Some things are going around on social media about a new distracted driving law, and I want to make sure you know the facts.

Right now texting and driving, or distracting driving is, an offense in Florida, but it is called a secondary offense. You’re not going to get pulled over if a law enforcement officer sees you doing that and nothing more. If it is causing you to be distracted, or to act in a reckless or harmful way, then they will pull you over and they will look at the cause of that distraction.

The legislature is looking at changing the current law to make distracted driving a primary offense. There are quite a few people that get killed by reckless driving – distracted driving – every day. People are getting hurt. Unfortunately, a lot of people who come to us have been hurt because someone wasn’t paying attention while they were driving.

Some people think by making this a primary offense, so people can be pulled over simply for texting or being distracted, that that will make us all more safe. One of the things that people do when they are distracted is take their hands off the wheel. Sometimes, they are playing with their radio. Something as simple as changing the station on your radio, or maybe you’re texting, or maybe you’re in an argument with someone in the car. You could just be mentally checked out and not paying attention.

Whether it is because of a cell phone, or a fight you just had, or something that is worrying you, driving is important! You are in a potentially dangerous vehicle and you can hurt someone, you can hurt yourself, and you can do property damage. Cars are safer than they have ever been, but they aren’t driverless just yet. We need you to do your share and keep everybody safe on the road.

If you have any questions about this, give us a call. If you’ve been injured or have questions about these laws, that’s what we are here for.

Update: The bill making distracted driving a primary offense was signed into law by the Governor, and goes into effect on July 1, 2019.