Personal Injury Report

Injuries can happen at any point in your life. There is no way to predict when they’re going to happen, and how severe they may be. Whether you’re at work or doing some DIY at home, you could be exposed to several risks which could injure yourself.

That’s why, here at Fasig | Brooks, we’ve looked at the most common types of personal injuries, including workplace accidents, road accidents, and falls.

Not only have we got the data, but we also have personal injury lawyers for when you need to make a claim and get the compensation you deserve.

Workplace Accidents

Accidents in the workplace are common, and they can be financially crippling if it forces you to take time off work. That’s why we discovered the average compensation for each injured body part, each cause of injury, and each nature of the injury. Figures show the average compensation in 2018 and 2019.

Body Part Injured

  1. Head/Central Nervous System – $89,347 average compensation 

You could be compensated almost $90,000 if you were to injure your head or central nervous system whilst at work – the most compensation you could receive.

  1. Back – 73,142 average compensation

Injuring your back whilst at work could award you $73,142 in compensation, the second highest total you could receive. Whilst the total compensation is lower than a head injury, injuring your back will offer you the highest fee from indemnities than any other body part.

  1. Multiple body parts – $71,437 average compensation

An injury to multiple body parts could award you over $70,000, the third highest sum you could be given. Although the total cost is lower than a head injury, on average you could receive more from indemnities when injuring multiple body parts.

Cause of Injury

  1. Motor vehicle – $81,971 average compensation

The cause of injury that could offer you the most compensation is an injury involving a motor vehicle. This cause of injury could give you over $80,000 in compensation, $23,000 higher than any other cause.

  1. Burn – $58,284 average compensation

A burn is a nasty injury, and receiving this type of injury at work could grant you almost $60,000 in compensation, the second highest amount of any cause of injury.

  1. Fall/Slip – $47,681 average compensation

Completing our top three is a fall or a slip, which could award you almost $50,000 in compensation. Although the total is $10,000 lower than second place in our list, falling or slipping could give you over $2,500 more in indemnities than a burn.

Nature of Injury

  1. Amputation – $113,695 average compensation

It’s unsurprising that an amputation gives you the most compensation, given the long-term effects having an amputation can have on your life. Losing a body part could give you $113,000 in compensation, almost twice as much as any other nature of the injury.

  1. Fracture/crush/dislocation – $59,749 average compensation

A fracture, crush, or dislocation could offer you just under $60,000 in compensation, and just under $500 more than third place on our list.

  1. Other Trauma – $59,298

Other trauma narrowly misses out on second to complete our top three. Experiencing trauma could grant you $59,000 in compensation, and $4,000 more in indemnities than second place, despite the overall total being higher.

Road Accidents

With so many people using motor vehicles for transportation, we’ve looked at the number of injuries and deaths on the road. We’ve used data from CDC and Injury Facts to uncover the numbers during 2020.

Most Injuries

  1. Crashes with other motor vehicles – 3.6 million injuries

The most injuries caused by road accidents are crashes with other motor vehicles, which caused 3.6 million injuries in 2020, over five times more than any other accident. This is also more than all the other road accidents combined.

  1. Fixed or other objects – 690k injuries 

A crash into a fixed object or other object takes second place with just under 700,000 injuries resulting from this type of accident. This is almost 500,000 more than third place.

  1. Older drivers – 200k injuries

Completing our top three is older drivers, with 200,000 drivers aged 65 and above receiving injuries in road accidents. Motorcyclists follow closely behind with 180,000 injuries from road accidents.

Most Deaths

  1. Crashes with other motor vehicles – 17,500

Crashes with other motor vehicles take the top spot once again, causing the most deaths in 2020, with 17,500 deaths. 5,000 more than any other road accident.

  1. Fixed or other objects – 12,017

Crashes with fixed or other objects take second place again, causing the second most deaths, just over 12,000, 4,000 more than third place.

  1. Pedestrians – 8,003

Just over 8,000 pedestrians were killed in road accidents, which is the third highest road accident on our list, replacing older drivers, who had more injuries from road accidents. Just 500 more than fourth place.

The Cost of Traffic Collisions per State

  1. California – $5.8 billion

Narrowly taking the top spot is California, which has the highest traffic crash death cost with almost $6 billion during the year 2018. This is unsurprising, however, considering California is also the most populated state in the US.

  1. Texas – $5.7 billion

Narrowly in second palace is Texas, whose traffic crash death cost is $5.7 billion, just $130 million behind first place. Texas also has the second highest population in the US, with almost 29 million people.

  1. Florida – $4.4 billion

Florida completes our top three with a traffic crash death cost of $4.4 billion, almost twice as much as North Carolina in fourth place. The high cost in Florida is why we have car accident attorneys in Jacksonville.

Age Groups with the most Injuries and Deaths from Falls

We’ve looked at the number of deaths and injuries per age group which happened during 2020.

Age Group with the Most Injuries Resulting from Falls

  1. 85+ years old – 873,405 fall injuries

People aged 85 and above have recorded the highest number of injuries as a result of falling, with just over 873,000 injuries. This is 300,000 more than any other age group.

  1. 0-4 years old – 569,243 fall injuries

Newborn babies have the second highest number of injuries resulting from falls, with just over 569,000 injuries. As cute as they can be whilst learning to walk, make sure they are supervised! Despite this, the age group above, 5-9-year-olds, has the fewest number of injuries from falls.

  1. 70-74 years old – 516,679 fall injuries

70-74 is the age range with the third most fall injuries during 2020, with just over 516,000 fall injuries recorded. This is more than the age group above, 75-79-year-olds, who take fourth place recording 506,135 injuries.

Age Group with the Most Deaths Resulting from Falls

  1. 85+ years old – 19,407 deaths from falls

85 years and above is the age range which had the most deaths resulting from falls in 2020. This also has the highest rate with 291 people dying from falls per 100,000.

  1. 80-84 years old – 6,474 deaths from falls

The second oldest age group, 80 to 84-year-olds, have recorded the second highest number of deaths from falls in 2020, with 6,474. This age group has a rate of 100 per 100,000 dying from falls in 2020.

  1. 75-79 years old – 4,702 deaths from falls

Completing our top three is 75 to 79-year-olds recorded the third highest number of deaths from falls, with 4,702. This gives a rate of 47 per 100,000 dying from falls and completes a top three of the three oldest age groups in our list.


We used data from Injury Facts to find out the average amount of compensation received per body part, cause, and nature. The data reflect averages for 2018 and 2019.

We used CDC data to find out the deaths and injuries for different types of motor accidents, reflecting data from 2020.

We also used CDC data to find out the traffic crash death costs per state, which gave us the figures for 2018.

For the falls, we used Injury Facts, which gave us the number of falls per age group in 2020.