Initial Consultation With Personal Injury Lawyer

You may be curious about a no-cost consultation with a personal injury lawyer if you’ve been hurt in a car accident or an accidental fall on someone else’s premises. 

After doing some preliminary research to find a personal injury attorney in your region, you should set up an appointment to get your questions about your injuries and damages answered.

Fasig | Brooks does not charge for the initial consultation. We provide legal counsel during a free initial appointment for anyone who has been hurt and needs answers. Here are some helpful things you need to know before taking advantage of a free initial consultation with a lawyer.

Meeting Your Attorney

Search online for attorneys before hiring one. A reliable source is always the state bar organization. Once you have chosen the lawyer you want to talk to, set up the appointment. 

In the consultation, your attorney will learn about your case, respond to your questions, and offer general legal advice. This is your chance to get to know your attorney and determine if you feel confident working with them. In most cases, people are instantly aware of whether or not they like, trust, or get along with another person.

This session decides whether you can work with them and whether they possess the abilities, experience, and expertise to manage your claim. Don’t forget that hiring a personal injury attorney is your best bet for getting money for your medical bills, damaged property, and lost wages.

Tell Us Your Story

Though it may be difficult, describing every detail of the incident that resulted in your injury during the initial consultation with a personal injury attorney is important. 

If your injury resulted from a series of incidents rather than a single one, it is important to provide as much background information as possible. This isn’t the time to gloss over anything.

Leaving any details out of your case can put your claim at risk and leave your attorney without the ability to help you. Be ready to give a detailed account of your injuries and treatment, in addition to explaining the accident. 

What Will You Discuss During the Initial Consultation With a Personal Injury Lawyer?

What you discuss with a lawyer during the initial meeting should be strictly confidential. Attorneys are bound by a code of ethics as defined in the Model Rules of Professional Conduct by the American Bar Association. 

No lawyer would wish to damage their reputation or career by breaking confidentiality. To decide whether the lawyer can help you with your case, it is completely acceptable for you to be asked to discuss:

  • The current state of your injuries
  • Your symptoms
  • Details of your most recent medical checkup
  • The impact of the injuries on your daily life overall
  • Particulars of your wounds and how they happened
  • Emotional trauma and the psychological impact of your injuries
  • The weather conditions during the accident
  • How have your injuries changed your relationships with your close family?
  • Lost time at work and rescheduled plans
  • How have your injuries impacted your professional, social, and private life?
  • When, where, and how did the incident occur?
  • Witness testimony and statements
  • Any and all medical care you received
  • What happened to you, and how you felt immediately following the accident

Some of the questions posed by your attorney may seem quite blunt. This is necessary, so we can weed out people who are faking their injury claims and so we can understand how the injury has changed your life. 

That could mean discussing your job, money, family, and even your sexual life. You will also be asked some very direct questions about what happened. This is done in part so that you are prepared for the tough questions that the insurance company will ask you.

What do I Need to Bring to the Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation?

The potential client should bring any relevant materials to the consultation. The police report should be consulted whenever there is uncertainty about what happened. 

You should bring medical records related to the treatment of the injuries in question to the initial session. Whatever the record is, it’s always preferable to bring it to the initial meeting so we can get a sense of the full context of the case.

A professional lawyer will know that you’re hurting and need help and will do everything they can to make you feel at ease throughout consultations. Of course, the consultation and what is discussed will all remain completely confidential.

Here are some items you can bring to your initial consultation:

  • Accident reports
  • Witness statements or contact information
  • Notes about your injuries
  • Doctor’s notes and emergency room notes
  • Citations or tickets
  • Information about the area where your accident occurred
  • Medical records
  • Photographs of the accident and injury
  • Automobile and health insurance info
  • Police investigation notes
  • X-Ray and MRI results

Get a Free Initial Consultation WIth a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney with our firm will study the documentation, listen to the details of your case, and use his or her knowledge to assess the claim and provide the best legal guidance possible. 

A lawyer’s involvement as soon as possible after an injury occurs is crucial for preserving legal rights.

Legal representation allows you to focus on recovery while they manage routine interactions with the insurance provider and initiate an investigation to gather crucial evidence before it is lost. 

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer with Fasig | Brooks as soon as possible to discuss your case in a free first consultation.