Category: Dana Brooks

Exclusive Remedies Under the Law

Dana Brooks explains how certain instances may have one or two causes of action or claim with exclusive remedies under the law. She gives an example of how if someone walks into a doctor’s office for an x-ray and slips and falls, it may seem to just be a premises liability case. This may actually […]

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques: Mediation

Not all cases are decided in court. Dana Brooks explains one of the alternative dispute resolution techniques used by lawyers to resolve cases, mediation. Mediation is when two parties use a neutral third party to find a resolution that both sides can live with. Give us a call today to discuss your personal injury case!

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Dana Brooks explains the importance of getting sound legal advice before accepting the initial settlement that insurance companies will often offer after an ‘accident’. Once you sign the settlement agreement there is no going back, so it is imperative that you receive professional legal advice from lawyers with years of experience in this field. Give […]

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