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Driving on the highway next to a large commercial truck like a semi-truck or 18-wheeler can be intimidating for even the most experienced drivers, and for good reason: an accident with such a huge vehicle can cause widespread damage, and even at low speeds can prove to be fatal. Fortunately, commercial truck drivers are held to strict licensing standards that include continuous re-certification, stringent requirements, and more. Operating one of these complicated machines requires more mechanical know-how than is necessary to operate a typical passenger vehicle, meaning that in addition to knowing how to safely operate these types of trucks, they must also keep up with ongoing maintenance.


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One issue that a strict maintenance schedule is meant to help avoid, or reduce the risk of, is a tire blowout or re-treading, which can cause major accidents as a large piece of rubber is launched into the air and into the path of oncoming traffic. The tread itself can strike a motorcycle or smaller vehicle to cause an immediate accident, but it is just as likely to cause a driver to swerve or to lose control, causing a second accident in response to the blowout.

Regardless of how the accident happens, it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible about your tire blowout accident, and how you can get the money that you deserve after suffering injuries as a result of someone else’s maintenance errors. Read more below about the general process of filing a commercial insurance claim after a tire blowout accident, and contact us as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation about your specific case.

What To Do After a Tire Blowout or Re-Tread Accident

After any accident, it is important that you follow the proper steps to ensure that you get the medical care as well as set yourself up for any possible legal processes you may need to go through in order to get compensated for your damages. Every accident is unique, so the following steps may either not apply or may not all be possible, but keep them in mind so that you can be confident that you are doing what is necessary to set yourself up for success in the future.

Focus on Safety

After an accident on the highway, you are at risk of being in oncoming traffic that may increase your risk of a second accident. If possible, get yourself or your vehicle to the median or breakdown lane to reduce your risk of another accident, but only if it is safe and possible. Otherwise, stay where you are. Remember that victims of spine and neck injuries should not be moved unless absolutely necessary.

Call 911

Whether you or someone else calls, it is absolutely essential that 911 is contacted so that they can send local police officers, firefighters, and EMTs to the scene of the accident. Once there, the police will be able to secure the area and divert traffic while also gathering information for an accident report. This report will have your statement, a statement from the driver who had the blowout (provided that they stopped), eyewitness accounts, and their own opinion on what happened. At the same time, firefighters will be able to address any ongoing hazards, and the EMTs will be able to administer emergency medicine to any victims.

Get Medical Care

The EMTs will be able to examine your injuries and provide some emergency care at the scene of the accident, but it is essential that you get follow-up care as well. Whether you take an ambulance to the emergency room or you leave the scene of the accident on your own, you must be sure to see a doctor. The most obvious reason for this visit is to ensure that you get medical attention for your injuries, but another reason is that these visits establish official documentation about your injuries. Without this documentation, the insurance company will resist paying for injuries that you cannot prove.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Filing a claim with an insurance company is fairly simple, but getting the money that you are entitled to is much more difficult. Insurance claims processes are designed to identify all possible ways to limit the amount that a victim ultimately receives, meaning that you need to have the legal support of someone who can help you identify all damages you are entitled to, and then help you fight to get the money you deserve. Instead of trying to take on the insurance company by yourself, contact Fasig | Brooks today so that you can move forward with experienced legal representation while you are able to focus on your own personal needs.