Car accidents happen daily throughout Florida, leading to property damage, serious injuries, and financial losses. In addition, other drivers may blame you for the accident, trying to deny their own liability for the collision. 

Fortunately, you can work with a Florida car accident attorney from Fasig | Brooks to Come Back Stronger. Our firm can assess your legal needs and develop a strategy to bring you funds to cover all of your losses, supporting you each step of the way. 

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Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Florida?

Hiring a Florida car accident attorney after a collision allows you to build a claim to secure compensation to cover all your losses. In addition, lawyers understand Florida’s legal and insurance systems, allowing them to answer all your questions. 

A law firm can protect your rights after an accident, dealing with all legal challenges so you can focus on recovering from your accident. Lawyers push for full coverage of all your expenses, represent your best interests, and explore all avenues to resolve your claim.

Why Hire Our Team After a Florida Car Accident?

Our team at Fasig | Brooks believes in helping clients Come Back Stronger. We have over a decade of experience handling claims throughout Florida, giving us a firm understanding of the state’s legal codes and the strategies that work to resolve claims. 

We provide personalized care and attention to clients, directly answering your questions and staying in communication with you as we handle your claim. Our strategies have allowed us to secure funds for clients like you, including a:

  • $1 million settlement for an auto accident that led to spine and neck injuries
  • $750,000 settlement for a client with catastrophic injuries from a car accident
  • $100,000 settlement for a client rear-ended by another driver 

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Can You Get Damages for Your Florida Car Accident?

A car accident attorney in Florida could help you seek funds to cover your losses if someone else caused your collision. We examine liability for your wreck and review all possible forms of compensation you could receive, which may include: 

Healthcare Expenses 

Did your car accident in Florida leave you with serious injuries? In this situation, you may require extensive medical care, including:

  • Emergency treatment in an ambulance 
  • Hospitalization, tests, and medical procedures 
  • Physical therapy, rehabilitation, and medications 

When building your car accident claim, we also look into the fees for copayments and the costs to travel to and from doctors’ appointments. 

Property Damage 

Collisions can damage or total your vehicle. We can provide you with information about claims that allow you to secure funds to cover the repairs. You may even secure damages to replace your ruined vehicle. 

Property damage expenses can also cover other items damaged in the car accident, such as your cell phone or tablet if you had it at the time of the wreck. 

Lost Wages and Earning Potential 

Did you have to take time off work or use sick leave in the aftermath of a car wreck in Florida? A lawyer may help you seek damages to cover these losses and any lost pay. We also consider lost bonuses and even raises in some circumstances. 

Pain and Suffering

Finally, your Florida car accident attorney can review the non-economic damages you experienced from a collision. We look into the physical pain you experienced and the mental anguish caused by the wreck. 

How do You Resolve Car Accident Claims in Florida?

You have two primary options to move forward with your case after a collision in Florida. Depending on your situation, a lawyer may recommend the following:

Settling Out of Court 

Florida’s insurance system allows you to file a claim after many automobile accidents to seek compensation for your losses. These claims will enable a lawyer to negotiate with insurance agents on your behalf, bringing you financial compensation. 

Filing a Lawsuit

In some situations, you may have a legal chance to file a lawsuit, especially if you sustained severe injuries due to another driver’s negligent actions. Your car accident lawyer in Florida can assess your situation to see if you’re eligible to file a lawsuit. 

What Is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Florida?

The funds available after a car accident in Florida can vary based in part on the degree of losses you sustained and your level of fault for the accident. Some drivers receive a few thousand dollars, while others may secure millions after a wreck. 

Therefore, our team focuses on your specific case instead of the average when taking on your claim. Your Florida car accident attorney can track all your losses, taking steps to ensure the at-fault driver covers your expenses. 

How Can a Florida Car Accident Lawyer Help You? 

According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) department, around 390,000 accidents occurred in the state in 2022. In addition, over 248,000 injuries occurred due to these accidents, which involved head-on, rear-end, and side-impact collisions. 

If you sustained injuries in an accident, you aren’t alone. You can turn to a car accident attorney in Florida for professional assistance with every aspect of your claim. Come Back Stronger by allowing us to: 

Determine Liability 

It’s important to assess who caused your Florida car accident, so we know who to pursue for damages. In many cases, we focus on other drivers involved in the wreck, who could cause a collision by: 

  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions in poor weather 
  • Failing to yield 
  • Running a red light or a stop sign
  • Swerving between lanes
  • Driving the wrong way 
  • Backing up without checking behind their vehicle 

We consider all possible parties involved in your accident. In some situations, we even look for signs that the accident occurred due to a vehicle defect. Your Florida car accident lawyer could file a claim against the car manufacturer or dealer in this case. 

Gather Evidence 

We build a claim after a car accident in Florida based on the evidence surrounding the collision. In some cases, the at-fault driver may admit their liability for the crash, making it easier to resolve the claim.

Unfortunately, other drivers often try to deny their fault to save money. In this situation, our team can

  • Acquire a copy of the police report about the accident
  • Get footage from security cameras or dash cams that recorded the accident 
  • Question eyewitnesses about what happened during the car accident 
  • Set up accident reconstruction to strengthen your claim
  • Work with car accident experts 

You can help collect evidence for your claim by taking pictures of the scene of the collision and getting contact information from all the witnesses at the scene. 

Track Your Losses 

Your car accident lawyer in Florida can assess all the losses you sustained due to your accident. In addition, we collect documentation to prove that the accident led directly to your medical expenses and vehicle repair bills. 

Resolve Your Claim 

Our team stands by you from the time you contact us after an accident until the resolution of your claim. In addition, we provide compassionate answers to your questions and guidance as you navigate the legal system. 

How does a Car Accident Lawyer Handle Insurance Agents?

Dealing with insurance agents represents one of the more complicated aspects of seeking damages after a car accident. Insurance agents often reach out to you quickly following a wreck, frequently offering deals before you even leave the hospital. 

However, these settlement offers may not cover all your losses. Moreover, even talking to insurance representatives can weaken your case, as they may try to get you to admit fault for the accident. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with insurance agents on your own. 

A Florida car accident lawyer can: 

  • Take over communications with insurance agents
  • Go over all settlement documents issued by the insurance company
  • Negotiate to push for additional compensation for your losses 

The insurance company works to protect its bottom line after an accident. Our team works for you. 

What Should You Look for in a Car Accident Lawyer in Florida?

You can impact the course of your legal claim based on the lawyer you choose in Florida. The professionals recommend that you hire a law firm with the following:

  • Experience handling cases like yours
  • A record of success with car accident claims
  • A reputation for providing personalized service

It’s also essential to work with a legal representative that makes you feel comfortable. You can get a feel for our law firm by contacting us for a free consultation. During this conversation, we can answer your questions and share details about how we handle car accident claims. 

Get support from a dedicated car accident lawyer in Florida by contacting us today. 

Can You Seek Legal Help If You Lost a Loved One in Florida?

Over 3,400 people lost their lives in accidents in Florida in 2022. We understand the emotional strain of losing a loved one due to the negligent actions of another party and can provide your family with compassionate care in this event. 

We handle wrongful death claims, helping the executor of your loved one’s estate seek funds to cover the losses sustained by your family. We know that financial compensation cannot bring back your loved one, but the funds can help ease your financial strain. 

A wrongful death claim can allow you to seek funds to cover your loved one’s medical expenses and funeral costs. You may also receive compensation for your lost support, companionship, and protection. Find out more with a Florida car accident attorney from Fasig | Brooks. 

Do You Have to File a Lawsuit After a Florida Car Accident?

You may have a chance to file a lawsuit after some car accidents in Florida. However, most drivers resolve their claims out of court, only filing a lawsuit if they qualify due to the severity of their injuries and other factors. 

Settling out of court usually takes less time than filing a lawsuit, which may allow you to secure funds to cover your losses more quickly. Additionally, settling may allow you to avoid court fees that could cut into your total compensation. 

We’ll discuss the benefits of settling or filing a lawsuit when you contact us for assistance. 

How Long do You Have to Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Florida?

Generally, you have a few years before the statute of liability expires for car accidents in Florida. You have until the statute expires to move forward with your claim, so some drivers choose to wait several months or years to consider their legal options. 

However, getting help immediately after an accident can make securing funds to cover your losses easier. Working with a Florida car accident lawyer immediately allows your attorney to speak to witnesses while they have clear memories of the collision, for example. 

Additionally, the statute of limitations may expire more quickly in some cases, especially if your accident involved a government vehicle. You can stay ahead of all deadlines associated with your claim by contacting us for assistance. 

How Long does a Car Accident Claim Take in Florida?

Once you hire a Florida car accident lawyer, how long should you expect your claim to take before you receive compensation for your losses? The total time to resolve your case may vary based on the circumstances around the wreck and how you choose to pursue compensation.

Insurance settlements may take only a few weeks in some cases, though they can take several months to resolve. In some cases, insurance companies try to drag out settlements in the hope that you’ll give up or accept less compensation.

Your lawyer can stand up for you in this situation, pushing back against insurance representatives. We aren’t afraid of going to bat for our clients, using all the experience and legal training at our disposal. 

How Much do Car Accident Lawyers Charge in Florida? 

Generally, car accident attorneys in Florida take on claims on a contingency basis. Under the contingency system, law firms only receive payment for legal fees once they resolve a claim for their clients through a settlement or courtroom verdict. 

Once they resolve a claim for a client, the law firm receives a percentage of the final financial award. Therefore, the costs to hire a Florida car accident lawyer can significantly vary based on the compensation you receive for your claim. 

We can discuss the system we use to handle car accident claims in more detail when you contact us for assistance. 

What Should You Avoid After a Florida Car Accident?

A Florida car accident lawyer can guide you throughout the legal process for seeking compensation. In many cases, your attorney provides information about the steps to take and when to take them. 

However, your lawyer may also provide guidance about actions to avoid after a collision so you can Come Back Stronger. For example, your lawyer may advise you to avoid the following: 

  • Posting about your accident on social media
  • Discussing the case with the other driver or insurance agents
  • Admitting fault for the collision 
  • Downplaying the severity of your injuries 
  • Providing a recorded statement to the insurance company 

Taking these actions can weaken your car accident claim in some cases. You can get help working on your claim and taking the correct steps following a wreck by contacting our team immediately after your wreck. 

In addition to contacting a car accident attorney in Florida, report your accident to the police and seek medical care for your injuries. Taking these steps quickly helps to show the accident occurred when and how you say it did. 

What Causes Car Accidents in Florida?

Our team focuses on liability for Florida car accidents. Determining who caused your accident and why allows us to develop a claim to bring you compensation to cover your losses. Drivers often cause accidents when they make dangerous decisions on the road. 

We build claims for clients struck by: 

Drunk Drivers 

Driving under the influence of alcohol makes drivers a danger to themselves or others. Drunk drivers have slower reaction times and may make reckless decisions, leading to accidents. 

We can look into the police report after your wreck to see if the other driver had a blood alcohol content (BAC) level above the legal limit. This information can help a Florida car accident lawyer build your case. 

Distracted Drivers 

Distractions can take a driver’s hands off the wheel, attention off traffic, or eyes off the road. Common distractions include cell phones and other electronic devices, and your lawyer may check the other driver’s phone records to see if they were on the phone at the time of the wreck. 

Fatigued Drivers 

Fatigue can also result in accidents in Florida. Drivers who don’t get enough rest before hitting the road can fall asleep behind the wheel. They may also react slowly to rapidly changing traffic conditions, resulting in a collision. 

Your Florida car accident lawyer can go over all the facts surrounding your collision, focusing on bringing you funds to cover your losses. 

Can a Florida Car Accident Lawyer Help with an Accident Involving an Out-of-State Driver?

Many people from other states visit Florida to enjoy our beautiful weather, lovely beaches, and theme parks. Unfortunately, these drivers lack familiarity with our roads and may become distracted as they rush to reach their destination, resulting in a collision. 

Fortunately, a car accident lawyer in Florida can help you file a claim if an out-of-state driver hit you, leaving you with injuries and financial losses. If the accident occurred in Florida, our legal codes apply, allowing us to pursue damages on your behalf. 

We know how to contact drivers even after they leave the state. However, it’s essential that you secure their contact information before you leave the scene of the accident, allowing your lawyer to proceed in the correct direction. 

What Happens During a Florida Car Accident Lawsuit?

If you sustained injuries in a wreck in Florida, you might have a chance to file a lawsuit. It’s natural to wonder what to expect during the process of seeking compensation through the court system. 

A Florida car accident lawyer can first ascertain if you qualify to file a lawsuit. Due to Florida’s no-fault car insurance system, only some drivers have a chance to sue another individual for their losses. 

If you qualify for a lawsuit, your lawyer can help you file the documents to begin your case. The other party has a chance to respond and may decide to settle with you before the lawsuit starts. After the other party responds, you can expect the following:

  • A period of discovery for the lawyers to prepare their cases
  • Your lawyer to represent you in court and present evidence on your behalf
  • The judge and jury to make a determination about your compensation 

We’ll stick with you throughout the entirety of the case to provide you with support and direction. 

Can You File a Car Accident Claim as a Passenger?

Passengers can sustain severe injuries in car accidents throughout Florida. Depending on the kind of collision you experienced, you could face:

  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Internal injuries to your organs
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and concussions
  • Cuts, bruises, and burns 

Fortunately, you should have a chance to seek compensation for these losses with help from a Florida car accident lawyer. In addition, our team may help you secure funds from another driver’s insurance policy or your own policy. 

If you sustained severe injuries, you might also have the chance to file a personal injury lawsuit in Florida. We explore all the legal options available when you contact us, whether you were driving the car or riding as a passenger at the time of the wreck. 

Contact Us for Help Following a Car Accident in Florida

You have a chance to seek funds to cover your losses following a car wreck in Florida. Our team at Fasig | Brooks can step in to assist with all your legal needs, building a claim as you work with a Florida car accident lawyer. 

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